Search help

Using the simple search form

In the simple search form, you can search for a single keyword or a phrase. For instance, you can search for letters or for Wellington boots. If, however, you search for Wellington and boots, it will try to search for the exact phrase Wellington and boots, including the and. You will need to use the advanced search form for this type of query. In the simple form, as in the advanced, you can search in either a specific field or all fields

Using the advanced search form

The advanced search form allows more flexible querying. You can perform up to three subqueries within a single search, combined in multiple ways. For each subquery, you can specify your search term or terms, the relationship between these terms, and which field to search within. For instance, you could search for Wellington boots as a phrase, within the same sentence or paragraph, or within a certain number of words (of your choice). If, on the other hand, you wanted to look for Wellington or boots in all fields, you would put Wellington in one of the Search term(s) boxes, leave Relationship of Terms as treat as phrase, and change Operator to or. Then, in the next Search term(s) boxes type boots.

 Search term(s)Relationship of Terms'X'*Data field   Operator

*Note: the 'X' value applies only in cases where 'Relationship of Terms' = 'Adjacent within X words' has been selected. A value from 1 to 6 may be used. In all other searches the 'X' value will be disregarded.

The above would search for Wellington or boots and General within 6 words of Wellesley.

Pattern Matching (wildcards)

Pattern matching allows you to retrieve terms with common character strings. For instance, if you wanted to search for all words beginning with Well, you could search for Well*. This search would retrieve all documents containing Wellington, Wellesley, etc. Reverse pattern matching is also allowed; that is, it is possible to search for all words ending in ington. EG searching for *ington would retrieve documents containing Wellington or Lymington.